Hi, I’m Kristelle!


I studied Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, which I really believed before that this career will make me grow as a person and will put me in the right direction in life. I spent my five years studying and reading medical stuff. In my third year in college, I realized that this career is really not for me.I didn’t enjoy it and I found it not interesting anymore. Since I need to please my family for the career they wanted for me I pushed myself and I  finish my degree somehow.

On the day of my graduation, I knew already what career I should take next, to do the things that I love“traveling’’. That day I booked my 4 weeks Southeast Asian trip and have hardly stopped traveling and exploring after that trip! Since then I did a lot solo traveling, self-discovering, and adventure and I discovered my love for photography.


Why blogging?


In the past few years, I have been pouring my heart and soul into one thing; creating a lifestyle that allows me to spend more time focusing on the things I love ( traveling, photography, tea, gym, yoga and the list goes on).

I’ve always been passionate about sharing my life experienced to everyone I know.  I always share all my travel photos on all my social medias and write my travel experiences in a diary to keep my memories alive, until  I come up with the idea to create a space on the internet and that’s the day SOPHISTICATED WANDERLUST was born. I made this blog to inspire people, share travel tips, lifestyle tips & motivation every day.

However, blogging is a lot harder than it looks but its very rewarding and flexible activity to do. Honestly speaking, I’m still trying to figure it out. Every day I’m learning and discovering new things about this blogging world. As I continue on this adventure, I promise to share my life and travel experiences with you and share the things that I will learn along the way.




Kristelle Clarae 🙂